Sliding sash windows are secure and here’s why

sash windows are secure

Sliding sash windows are beautiful; let’s face it. They are an attractive window style that perfectly resemble 19th century windows. When you think of sliding sash windows, you might think of draughty, worn and unsecure wooden windows. Our uPVC sash windows are secure, efficient and easy to look after. You can enjoy stunning sash windows without worrying that they aren’t protecting your home.

Secure windows that won’t let you down

Sash windows can be locked in a semi-open position so you can still let a breeze in without worrying about intruders. This is perfect for the summer months when you want to let air flow around to keep you cool. They’re still secure without being an open invitation to intruders so no need to suffer in a scorching home.

When choosing locks for your windows, key-operated locks are one of your best options. Insurance companies often prefer these and they give you the peace of mind that only you can open your windows. Our uPVC is strong and damage resistant so is another line of defence against intrusion.

Beautiful windows that will protect your home all year round

Our sash windows come with a range of hardware, including pivot bars and tilt latches. These allow the windows to tilt inwards for easy cleaning.

Bring back the past in your home

Our uPVC sliding sash windows are the ideal replacement for traditional timber. They open vertically like authentic wooden sash windows and you can choose from a range of colours and woodgrain effects. In fact, our uPVC sliding sash windows are practically indistinguishable from real timber windows.

sash windows are secure

With the choice of Georgian bars and sash horns, you can add the perfect finishing touches. These windows perfectly suit period properties but can look equally stunning in modern homes.

They can achieve an A energy rating to give your home the best possible thermal insulation. Keep your home protected against the elements and comfortable all year round. With low maintenance uPVC, they’re so easy to keep looking good. Whatever colour you choose, no repainting is required and they won’t rot, fade of flake.


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