Do I need planning permission for my porch?


Many homeowners are put off from building a porch because of an assumption that you need planning permission. This assumption is often false. In the large majority of cases, a porch doesn’t actually need planning permission. As one of Lincolnshire’s leading installers of high quality uPVC porches, we thought we’d examine the issue.

Does my porch need planning permission?

The simple answer as to whether your porch needs planning permission depends upon its size. If your proposed porch is very large, or close to a road or another property, there’s a strong chance that you may need planning permission. If it isn’t, the chances are it won’t.

Porches: a ‘permitted development’

When you add a porch to any external door on your property, it is generally considered by planning regulations as a ‘permitted development’, not needing planning permission, as long as:

  • Its floor area doesn’t exceed 3 square metres
  • It won’t be more than 3 metres above ground level
  • It isn’t within two metres of a road, or another property.

If your proposed porch meets all of these requirements,there’s a strong possibility that it won’t need planning permission.

Complying with building regulations

Even if your porch doesn’t need planning permission, you’ll still need to comply with UK building regulations when building it. This means making sure that any glazing or electrical outlets are installed correctly and to a high standard. Always use an experienced and reputable home improvement, like Cliffside, to reduce the chance of any mishaps occurring.

Cliffside: one of Lincolnshire’s most experienced home improvement companies

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