Is it worth putting a solid roof on a conservatory in Lincolnshire?

It’s no secret that conservatories Lincoln make the perfect addition to a home because not only do they add space to your home in Lincoln, but they also add a great deal of value.

However, traditional conservatories are built from polycarbonate glass which unfortunately means this extra space becomes unusable for most of the year. With poor thermal performance, polycarbonate glass isn’t able to regulate the temperature in extreme weather, making a conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

A great solution for many Lincoln homeowners is replacing the more traditional glass conservatory roof with a solid roof. Made from either tiles or slate, solid roof replacements totally transform a conservatory into an extra room in the house that can be used all year round.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth investing in putting a solid roof on your conservatory and want to find out which one would be the most suitable for your home, keep reading.

We’ve explored the true benefits of a solid conservatory roof replacement and have compared some of the different roof options available.

What is a solid conservatory roof?

Conservatory roof replacement

A solid conservatory roof replaces traditional polycarbonate or glass roofs and is made of specialist roofing material which is built to last. Available in a wide choice of styles and colours, the solid roof coverings can make it a true extension of your home.

Replacing your old conservatory roof is a fantastic investment that can help to improve the overall look of your home and make you feel like you have a brand-new conservatory.

The benefits of a solid conservatory roof

If your existing conservatory is like a sunroom in the summer, the space isn’t well insulated and is unattractive to look at, a solid conservatory roof is a fantastic replacement for a polycarbonate roof. Here are some of the many benefits they add to your home:

1: More energy efficient

Solid roof replacements are incredibly thermally efficient which means that not only can they keep the temperature of the conservatory regulated during the summer and winter, they also help to make savings on heating bills by retaining a huge amount of heat, keeping the space well insulted.

2: Usable all-year long

Traditional conservatories become unbearable when the weather is too hot or too cold. But a solid roof replacement regulates the temperature which means, no matter the weather, the space can be used all year round.

For the first time, homeowners in Lincoln will be able to make the most of the additional space by fully transforming their conservatory into a home office, second living room, dining room or even home gym. The possibilities are endless with a solid conservatory roof replacement.

3: Improved security for your conservatory

With their robust design solid conservatory roofs offer an increased amount of security when compared with a polycarbonate or glass roof. The solid panels make them strong and secure helping to deter burglars.

4: Your conservatory blends to your home

Typically, conservatories are very unlikely to match the roof of your home. But with a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, which look very similar to traditional slate roofing, you can pick a style that compliments your house.

5: Adds value to your home

As a solid roof replacement makes a conservatory useable for 365 days per year, you have an additional functional living space in your home. This will most likely increase the value of your property, particularly if buyers can see you’ve fully transformed the interior and use the room regularly.

What is the best replacement conservatory roof?

If you’re looking to put a solid roof onto your conservatory there are a few different options available to consider.

Each one has its own differences it’s worth comparing them to determine which one provides the best fit your conservatory.

Tiled conservatory roof replacements

  • A tiled roof replacement offers excellent thermal insulation, up to 15 times more efficient than a traditional conservatory.
  • Tiled roof replacement options are available for all types of conservatories including Victorian, Edwardian, and Lean-To styles.
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Roof windows can be included to keep space light.

Tiled roof replacement

Solid conservatory roof replacements

  • Solid panels deliver outstanding thermal performance and controls conservatory temperature all year round.
  • Sleek and smooth design brings contemporary feel to conservatory roof.
  • Glazed panels can be included to add more natural light.

Fully glazed conservatory roof replacements

  • The latest solar control glass options maximise the natural light in your conservatory without compromising on thermal performance.
  • Features self-cleaning glass options to keep conservatory looking its best.

Glass conservatory roof

Adding a replacement conservatory roof can make the space more comfortable and versatile all year round. When it comes to installation, Cliffside Windows do all the hard work for you.

Usable conservatory space all year round

At Cliffside Windows we’re proud to offer high-quality materials and installation options for homeowners in the Lincolnshire area.

With years of experience replacing conservatory roofs, our team of expert installers have the skills and confidence to do the job right first time. Our commitment to quality also means that the installation we develop will be built to last for years.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you improve your existing conservatory in Lincoln or the surrounding areas.