Is glass better than polycarbonate for a conservatory roof?

Glass roof conservatory

In brief the answer is most definitely yes! Glass conservatory roofs beat polycarbonate conservatory roofs on almost every score. To help you to fully understand the difference between the two options, we’ve compiled this handy comparison blog to help you make a fully informed decision about your next home improvement project.

Polycarbonate vs glass conservatory roofs: thermal performance

Your conservatory’s roof is, perhaps, its most important part. It protects against the weather, helping to keep out the rain and absorb the sun’s rays to regulate the interior temperature. Many original conservatories from the 1990s were fitted with polycarbonate roofs. These type of conservatory roofs were an affordable and adequate option at the time but were often prone to becoming too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. As extreme temperatures became more commonplace, polycarbonate roofs were no longer suitable for the UK’s changing climate.

Glass conservatory roofs, on the other hand, are far better at regulating internal temperature and protecting against harsh weather conditions. At Cliffside, we offer solar glass for all our conservatory roofs. Solar control glass reflects harmful UV rays, helping to regulate internal temperature for a comfortable year-round living space. It also reduces the bleaching effect of the sun to help protect any interior fixtures and fittings from fading due to sun exposure.

Benefits of glass conservatory roofs over polycarbonate conservatory roofs

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Alongside their superior levels of energy efficiency and temperature regulation, glass conservatory roofs also perform better in many other areas. These include:

  • Acoustic insulation – Polycarbonate roofs amplify the sound of heavy rain creating a cacophony of noise and struggle to prevent the sound of external traffic, city sounds, or aircraft engines. Glass roofs, however, are designed to reduce exterior noise transmission to create a quiet and relaxing interior living space.
  • Appearance – Glass roofs provide a crystal-clear window to view the night sky and bring in an abundance of natural light during the day. Polycarbonate roofs, on the other hand, are often translucent with a far less attractive aesthetic than glass.
  • Durability – Polycarbonate roofs are often prone to leaking and can become easily damaged by rain and high winds. Glass roofs, however, are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, staying in excellent condition for many years.

As you can see, glass roofs are the superior conservatory roof option compared to their polycarbonate counterparts. If you have a conservatory with an old polycarbonate roof and you’re thinking about upgrading to a modern glass roof, Cliffside Windows can help to transform your glazed extension.

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