9 top tips for cleaning uPVC windows in winter

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It’s not just during the spring that your windows may need a bit of TLC to keep them in top shape! In fact, the winter months are a vital time for keeping your windows looking and working at their best. Bear in mind that when it’s cold and miserable outside a little bit of light in your home can make all the difference and you don’t want this compromised with dirty windows. No matter the time of year, dirty windows that are left uncared for will make them harder to clean the longer they’re left and this could eventually cause damage. Debris from storms can also cause havoc around this time of year so here are our top tips to help you keep your windows sparkling.

  • First, try and clean your windows at the warmest time of the day to make it more comfortable for you and less likely that any water you’re using will freeze over
  • Sweep the window panes first to remove any loose debris
  • Use warm but not boiling water so the windows won’t crack – not highly likely but better to be safe than sorry
  • Using soapy water or a dedicated window cleaning solution wipe down your frames first, followed by the window panes – all it takes is a bit of elbow grease!
  • Use regular window cleaning solution unless it’s very cold, otherwise a freeze resistant cleaner might be required
  • Use a cloth, never a scouring pad or anything abrasive which could damage the windows
  • To ensure your glazing is sparkling you could then use a window spray but try not to get this on the frames. To avoid streaks use kitchen towel rather than a cloth for this part
  • Never use bleach, methylated spirits or ammonia as these can permanently discolour uPVC windows
  • If you don’t have any window cleaning solution, vinegar mixed with washing-up liquid is an ideal alternative

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How do I get my uPVC windows white again?

If you have any concerns about maintaining your windows or find some damage while cleaning, get in touch with us at Cliffside Windows. We’ve been providing quality double glazed windows Lincoln and home improvements across Lincoln for more than 50 years so our experts know what they’re talking about! Visit us online or give us a call on 0800 970 290.