Do I need planning permission for my conservatory?

What could you do with an extra room in your house? A new space, full of light, a new inspiring opportunity to design the room exactly the way you’d like it. A new room for your family to relax? A sunny reading area? It’s a blank canvas and the choice is all yours.

It’s not difficult to see why conservatories have been a popular home improvement amongst British homeowners for many years. You’ve been inspired by various designs you’ve seen and come up with an idea of what you’d like, but do you need planning permission to build the room of your dreams?

Do I need planning permission for a new conservatory in my Lincolnshire home?

Generally speaking, you don’t need planning permission for a conservatory unless your home in a conservation area. The installation of a conservatory is classed as a “permitted development” and doesn’t require planning permission provided the conditions and limits met. A few examples of these are:

– The conservatory takes up no more than half the land around the house
– The conservatory doesn’t exceed 4 metres or the height of the house
– The house has been extended already

The full list of requirements and further information can be found on the Planning Portal website.

You will need to get planning permission if you live in a conservation area, as the conservatory will be required to fit the look and character of the home.

Victorian conservatory

Where can I get a new conservatory in Lincolnshire?

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