5 Reasons to Start Your Winter Home Improvements Now

Winter is coming - improve your home now
Thinking about those dark, cold evenings can be depressing – so if you haven’t thought about your winter home improvements, now is the time. Making major improvements to your home can be costly and time consuming; however, by simply upgrading your doors and windows you can reduce your costs, add security to your home and make your home more energy efficient. So why overpay?

If you haven’t considered upgrading your doors and windows yet, here are 5 reasons why you should do so:

1. Colder nights are just around the corner

Cold months are fast approaching, so now’s the time to act. Making home improvements can be costly investment – that’s why it is crucial you invest your money right.

The simplest way to keep your home warm during winter and ensuring it won’t get too hot during summer is by upgrading your doors and windows. By installing double glazed windows, not only you can potentially save some money but you can also benefit from ultimate insulation which leads to warmth and security during winter and reduced temperature during summer.

2. Winter is coming. Make your house more energy efficient now

Many people love winter season for many reasons, one of them being Christmas. However, winter is also associated with icy weather and snow, which although add beauty to the winter season are factors that make your house cold and expensive to heat. Can you afford to stand another winter in cold? Why not look for solution?

One of the most popular and efficient ways of making your house more energy efficient is upgrading your doors and windows. One way of upgrading is choosing double glazed windows over single glazed. Double glazed windows from Cliffside require low maintenance, but at the same time provide you with benefits such as high insulation which leads to reduced heat loss and comfortable living environment. Moreover, due to high energy performance glass (which is used on the inside and outside panes of Cliffside products for ‘solar control’) you will be able to reduce heat loss during winter and reduce chances of overheating during summer.

With all those facts, why not prepare and make your house more energy efficient this winter?

3. Darker, earlier nights = more burglaries

October is National Home Security Month, so why not get involved and make your house secure too with a window upgrade from Cliffside?

As days become shorter, you are more likely to leave your house in darkness – giving burglars the perfect opportunity. Smashing windows has become less popular due to noise and attention that it creates; that’s why burglars now attempt to force the frame itself. However, by upgrading to internally beaded windows, you will prevent intruders from lifting out the glass pane, making your house extremely difficult to access for burglars.

Furthermore, our frames are highly secure thanks to a multi-point locking system, giving your home an extra layer of protection. Is making your home more energy efficient and secure not good enough reason to start your improvements now?

4. No more fixing doors and windows in the cold

Are you tired of fixing your doors and windows in the cold? With new double glazed windows, you won’t need to spend any time on maintenance. Due to advanced technology and improved design, all Cliffside products required minimal maintenance saving you time and money as well as giving you more time indoors, in the dry and warm. All locks and frames are designed to adjust to unexpected weather changes ensuring perfect reliability all year around.

5. Buy now and beat the rush

At Cliffside we understand that home improvements might not be your priority, especially with Christmas around the corner. However, if you would like to benefit from upgrading your windows and want to get it done before Christmas, why not give us a call and let the professionals take care of your improvements while you focus on your winter shopping or Christmas preparations?

Ask Cliffside about your pre-winter home improvements

If you live in Lincolnshire and you’re looking to winter-proof your house, we can help. With more than 50 years’ experience improving homes across the region, we can help you choose stylish windows and doors that suit your property, too. For more information, call us on 0800 9700 190 or send us a message today.