Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacements: Benefits, Installation and Design Ideas

Here at Cliffside Windows, we know that your conservatory is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Conservatories are a wonderful addition to any home, creating  transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces, and flooding properties with natural light. However, tired and old conservatory roofs can leave you too cold in the Winter and too hot in the summer. If this sounds like something you’ve been experiencing, it may be time to consider upgrading your conservatory roof.  

At Cliffside Windows, we offer high-quality tiled roof replacements for your conservatory, in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.  Our bespoke tiled roof replacements can cater to  your requirements, complementing your house.   

Read on to discover how a tiled roof replacement could enhance your conservatory. 

Tiled roof replacement

Why should I consider replacing my conservatory roof? 

Upgrading your worn and outdated conservatory roof with a tiled roof replacement is a worthwhile investment. You can experience improved thermal efficiency, as a new roof will reduce heat transfer, helping to keep your conservatory more comfortable.  

A new conservatory roof replacement can also help address weatherproofing issues.  

Additionally, a new conservatory roof can also provide enhanced noise reduction, making your conservatory a more peaceful space for you and your family to enjoy. 

What is a tiled conservatory roof replacement? 

A tiled roof replacement is a popular option that replaces a traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with tiles to improve the thermal insulation and aesthetic appearance of a conservatory.  

At Cliffside Windows, our tiled conservatory roof replacements can retain up to 15 times more heat than traditional glass or polycarbonate panels. In addition, tiles have a stunning visual appeal that can enhance the kerb appeal of your property.  

tiled conservatory roof extension on side of house

What are the benefits of tiled conservatory roof replacements? 

Tiled conservatory roof replacements have a variety of benefits including: 

Excellent thermal performance 

The improved thermal insulation from a tiled conservatory roof means that less heat is lost when it’s cold outside. On the other hand, when it’s hot outside, less of that heat is transferred and your conservatory remains cooler.  

This makes your conservatory a more usable space for more of the year, and helping reduce spending costs on heating and air conditioning.  

Advanced weatherproofing 

A tiled conservatory roof replacement offers advanced weatherproofing, to give added protection from the weather elements 

Reduced noise pollution 

Glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs can be noisy during stormy weather. A tiled and insulated conservatory roof is much quieter, helping reduce noise pollution and creating a more tranquil living space for the whole family to enjoy.  

Enhanced visual appeal 

A tiled conservatory roof is a charming addition to any home. The solid tiles can be customised with a variety of colour options available to help blending in with existing architecture and brickwork more naturally than glass or polycarbonate roofs. In addition, tiles offer enhanced visual appeal to your home, creating the appearance of an extension.

How can I get installed a tiled conservatory roof replacement?  

Replacing your old conservatory roof is a  cost-effective way to modernise your home and improve its energy efficiency. Here at Cliffside Windows, our friendly team are on hand to help .  

Replacing the roof on your conservatory does not usually require specific planning permission. There are certain measures that need to be met, and some cases may still need specific planning permission, but for most homeowners in Lincolnshire, Cliffside Windows will be able to install a tiled conservatory roof replacement without the need to file for planning permission. 

Conservatory roof replacement

Versatile designs to complement any Lincolnshire home  

Our tiled roof replacement options are available for all types of conservatories, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Lean-To styles, so no matter your requirements, we have a product that’s right for you. 

We have an extensive selection of colours to suit your home and individual tastes. In addition, roof windows can be incorporated to ensure that your living space remains light and airy. 

Upgrade your conservatory with a tiled conservatory roof replacement from Cliffside Windows 

At Cliffside Windows, we understand that every homeowner’s tastes are unique. That’s why we offer our stunning range of tiled roof replacements with a variety of customisable colours and finishes. Whether you have a traditional or modern property, we have a home improvement solution to suit you.  

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your conservatory . To learn more, get in touch with a member of our friendly team or visit our showroom  Let Cliffside Windows help you create your conservatory.