Modern Elegance: Exploring Mock Sash Windows

In 2024 the options are almost endless for homeowners looking to add some creative spark to their property, particularly in the window market.

The rise in popularity and production of several groundbreaking materials has led to more cost-efficient choices than ever before, that still boast that all-important premium quality and feel.

A great example of a modern, budget-friendly option is mock sash windows.

What are Mock Sash Windows?

Mock sash windows are windows designed to replicate the classic look of traditional sash windows but with a modern twist. Instead of having two vertically sliding sashes, the mock sash option has one fixed pane and one opening sash that operates like a casement window, with users being able to tilt it inwards or outwards.

Sash windows are a classic style that has been used for centuries, often associated with traditional architecture, particularly in Georgian and Victorian houses. Mock sash windows still have the vintage aesthetic but are more affordable, and in some cases more practical.

mock sash window

What are the benefits of Mock Sash Windows?

Whilst sash windows remain a great option, it’s worth looking into the benefits of mock sash windows and why they may be better suited to a modern home.

Easier Operation

Traditional sash windows can be heavy and require specific lifting techniques, which can be an inconvenience at times. However, mock sash windows swing open in the same manner as casements, making them more user-friendly, and the process a quicker and simpler one – one of their key selling points.

Improved Ventilation

Opening outwards allows for wider capacity, bringing in more fresh air than the vertical openings of traditional sliding sash windows. You can also control how far you open them, something which is trickier with the long-standing option.

Better Security

Modern mock sash windows typically come with multi-point locking mechanisms, offering enhanced security compared to traditional latches, ensuring peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Saving money on energy bills is particularly desirable at the moment, which can be achieved with mock sash windows. Double glazing comes as standard, which in turn improves thermal insulation, reducing heat loss. It also helps to reduce noise pollution from outside, ensuring high performance all year round.


Mock sash windows tend to be a more cost-efficient, affordable alternative to traditional sash windows. This is particularly prevalent with maintenance costs too, as they require less painting and general upkeep.

What options do I have with a Mock Sash Window?

Another key benefit of mock sash windows is the amount of available installation options.

You have a wide range of materials to choose from, with the most common choice being uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.) It’s earned this standing due to its low cost, durability, and low maintenance. It can look less authentic than the traditional sash window, but it is certainly a convenient choice that more than does the job.

If you are looking to replicate the classic feel of a sash window, then timber may be the choice for you. With an authentic look, they can also be easily painted to match the aesthetic of your home – though it’s worth noting that they are not as durable as the uPVC option.

Aluminium mock sash windows manage to combine durability and low maintenance but are often more expensive than both uPVC and timber. Fibreglass and steel are also worth considering, as both are increasingly strong. They can also be accessorised with Georgian bars (inserted within the sealed unit or attached externally) sash horns, and many other popular choices.

White uPVC bay window

Why should you opt for a Mock Sash Window?

Boasting a traditional appearance with the benefits of modern-day technology, mock sash windows are a great option for enjoying the best of both worlds. Easy to operate, incredibly secure, noise-proof, affordable, and energy-efficient, they’re certainly a strong option for any property.

Given the wide variety and possible choices of materials and formats they can be selected in, there truly is something for everyone depending on your individual choices and home.

At Cliffside, our team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have over mock sash windows, including matters such as pricing, and can offer expert advice if you’re debating which material is right for you. We’re a family-run, friendly company with over 50 years of installation experience in the Lincolnshire area, and have an insurance-backed guarantee on all FENSA window installations.

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